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MEK3 Instruktion Video 2 age spots fibromas warts tattoo removal

mailto:skreisz@aol.com Removal Fibromas Fibroma pedulana Pedunculated warts Xantelasma Hystiozytoma Seborrheic Certosis tattooDuration : 0:9:13 (more...


Removal Fibromas Fibroma pedulana Pedunculated warts Xantelasma Hystiozytoma Seborrheic Certosis tattoo

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☞Skin Care: SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel Chemical Peel :-)


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♥10 tips on how to get flawless looking skin♥


Hi everyone, so I just wanted to share 10 tips on to get flawless looking skin.I really hope this helps.
These are the 10 tips :
Drink lots of water
Eat healthy
Exfoliate 1-2 times a week
Use a clay mask or a homemade mask from time to time
Tone your face
Don’t touch your face to often (especially not with dirty hands)
Don’t pick / pop your spots
Moisturize your face
Use a spot treatment
Pull your hair back if there greasy

Thank you so much for watching.
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x amillionfakes

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Anti-Aging Tip#2: How to get rid of your dark spots


My blog: www.the-most-beautiful-world.blogspot.com

This is what I use to get rid of my dark spots:
Reversa Anti-spot

Hope you’ll enjoy =)

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Brown Spots – NYC – 212 644 9494 – NYC Brown Spots – Brown Spot NYC – NYC Brown Spot


http://www.brownspotnyc.org/ (212) 644-9494
Brown Spots
Years of excessive sun exposure cause many of us to develop blotchy brown spots on the skin. This is more likely to occur in fair-skinned individuals. Brown spots are most commonly found on the face, tops of the hands, chest, arms and legs, but can occur on any heavily sun exposed area.

Many therapies can be employed to erase these unwanted spots including cryotherapy, laser, chemical peels and bleaching creams. After examining your skin, your dermatologist will determine the best treatment method to correct your skin problem.

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Does any1 know how 2 get rid of white spots on face?


My husband is Latino and he has been getting like white blotchy spots on his face. he said that when he was younger in his country he had been given some kind of white liquid stuff that he was suppost to drink before every meal or atleast 3 times a day but he was so young bak then he didnt know exactly what it was called. does anyone have suggestions to get rid of those blotchy spots? please any answers will help. please be mature!!

O.o…I’ve heard of this before…but I forgot what it’s called.I think it’s a lack of calcium or something.I forgot…He should go to a dermatologist or something…

Face Care For Men Part 2





Face care for men should start off with good deep cleansing facial scrubs, which will remove that dead skin and clean out those pores. If you wet shave then use a shaving cream that has both vitamins and Aloe Vera if possible so that the cream hydrates your skin for a smooth soothing shave.

A man’s leathery skin is much thicker then his female counterparts and it requires special handling, especially after a shave when it can become irritated quite easily and need a soothing, cooling touch. Follow your smooth shave up with a moisturizer.

You will be protecting the facial skin and keeping it smooth and soft. Moisturizer is one for the basic needs of your skin to push back the signs of aging. Though men tend to show aging in their faces much later then women it is a fact that when the wrinkles appear it is a dramatic and sudden change. A pound of prevention, as they say is far better then ten pounds of cure.

Lancome has a delightful range of men’s face care products with reasonable pricing? The Lancome Homme ultra soothing after-shave balm is a favorite of many well-groomed men. Check out the gift packs that are sometimes offered at unbelievable discount prices. This is a wonderful way to try out several products by a single manufacturer before committing yourself to the full price of a costly yet well needed men’s facial skin care regime. The name Clarins is one and the same with being one of the most excellent suppliers of skin care products so it’s no bolt from the blue that Clarins also have an exclusive men’s face care line.

Clarins offers non-oily moisture balm and gel products for soothing the skin after shaving and also keeping the grime out of your pores during the lengthy workday. Do you hate those stress lines? Clarins even produces a cream gel that will aid reducing the appearance of those lines we all dread.




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Walking April 19th 2009 Pink Ball Half Moon Spots on Face Skin


Walking April 19th 2009 Pink Ball Half Moon Spots on Face Skin

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Discoloration Face NYC – (212)-644-9494 – NYC Discoloration Face


http://www.dermatologistsnyc.com/ (212)-644-9494
Discoloration Face

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation (dark spots on skin)

Hyperpigmentation or Discoloration Removal treatments are used to fade darkened areas of the skin which may result from hormones, sun damage, injuries, skin-type characteristics, medications, acne and more.

Areas of hyperpigmentation can be anything from melasma/choalasma (often attributed to pregnancy or hormonal imbalances) where brown or tan patches appear on the cheeks, upper lip and forehead after oral contraceptives and/or pregnancy, to areas of dark spots remaining after blemishes resolve, to dark areas remaining after injury, to freckles.

Treatments for hyperpigmentation include:
Retin-A (retinoic acid)
kojic acid
chemical peels
azelaic acid
The treatments of hyperpigmentation wholly depend upon your needs and skin type. Some treatments can actually cause hypopigmentation (lack of color) in some individuals. If products containing hydroquinone are used for too long, the areas can actually start turning darker; a condition know as ‘exogenous ochrinosis’. The treatment of hyperpigmentation can be extremely difficult and some patients simply may not respond to any form of treatment.

At the Ethnic Skin Specialty Center of New York at NYC Dermatology we will design a prescription strength, customized program to give you the best chance of successfully treating your hyperpigmentation, as we did for these patients.

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Natural Homemade Recipes Episode 1:♥ Blemish Fading Evening Green Tea Face Mask ♥


This is one of my homemade face masks that i have been using for a couple of months now, that has worked miricals for my face and so i wanted to share it with all of you.

Natural alternatives to skin care are becoming very popular, and the best ones are the ones you make yourself (my philosophy!) However i still use commerical and chemical acne medicine on my face because they also work very well, and rather quickly.
this face mask lightens the appearances of dark marks and helps to speed up the healing process of scars. it has been very effective for me, which is why i am sharing it with you!

“Undercover” by Citizen Nyx (feat. Stefsax.TfS.Sleepless…)


is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


blemishes, dark spots, scars

“Undercover” by Citizen Nyx (feat. Stefsax.TfS.Sleepless…)


is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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