How do you get rid of dark spots on face?

I think I got it from my small pimples being exposed to sun. HOW DO I GET RID OF THEM. I posted the same question =) http://answers.yahoo.com/que...


I think I got it from my small pimples being exposed to sun.

I posted the same question =)


What could be the cause of sudden increase of Dark Spots on face and nose?


Lately, I’ve discovered that the number of dark spots on my face, that is cheeks, cheek bones and around and on top of my nose have increased, only recently, in a matter of days and I haven’t even exposed myself to the sun that much or at all. I wonder what could be the cause of this sudden increase, there seems to be more spots forming up. Is there any reason behind and what is the cure or permanently getting rid of the dark spots, I’m a male actually, with a fair skin.


Any chance your taking new medication? Let say if you started a new medication sometimes your skin can be more prone to the sun. Sun can quickly cause new formed dark spots even a little sun exposure can make a difference.

can you use lemon lane lipton tea as a replacement for lemon juice to remove dark spots on face neck and body?


i cant get lemon juice and im embarrassed to ask some one out there

Please don’t say EW or gross I got these dark spots on my neck belly button and face i looked around and they said use lemon juice i can’t get lemon juice cause my people will keep asking why are u using lemon juice i want to keep it a secret from them. i have lemon lane lipton tea can it be use to replace lemon juice. please help I really really need help . Is there any other HOME remedy that can be used to remove this

I can’t tell you for sure that it would work the same, but Lipton tea has antioxidants in it that are good for the skin, so I don’t think it could hurt to try.

I’ve read that hydroquinone is the best thing to use for dark spots (aka hyperpigmentation).

what’s the best natural remedy to fade off dark spots on face or pigmentation after pregnancy? help please.?


You can try applying lemon juice twice a day on your face, rinse it and then moisturize. It will lighten your cloasma to some degree, but I doubt it will remove it completely. You’ll probably need something stronger than that, a lightening cream with arbutin, kojic acid, citric acid, licorice extract etc. Avoid hydroquinone. Even with these creams it will take several month to see proper results, so you have to be persistent! And, most importantly, you MUST use a very high spf sunblock every day and avoid sun as much as possible. If you go into the sun unprotected or for a long period of time, all your efforts will be in vain. Good luck!

How do I get rid of dark spots on face?


How to get rid of darkspots on face

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How to get rid of dark spots on face fast?


Im african american(black) and have a lot dark spots from acne.

try bio oil it reduces the appearance of scars but you have to keep using it good luck.

How to remove dark spots on face due to bleaching cream?


My age is 44, and i’m a female. This is not first time I bleached my face, but this time it caused dark spots.

I fill u must have gone out immediately After bleach so uv rays caused this so plz don’t do any treatment yet and give ur skin time to heal of its own it will fade .

what is a good cream that can get rid of dark spots on face, and dark circles under my eyes?


I have a really ugly dark spot on my chin and it looks soo bad! I went to sephora and they have a cream that has hydraquanonine in it… but it’s soo expensive!! Is there anything that works and is a little cheaper? Also, I have bad dark circles under my eyes… how can i get rid of that?

cream will not work. my sister used to have the same thing its just lack of vitamins….. so go to wal-mart and stock up!! :)

Get rid of dark spots on face?


How can I get rid of dark sports on my face?

I am African American and I have the spots on both my cheeks near my chin. And on one side, it kind of goes onto my neck.

What can I do to get rid of them?? I go back to school next week.

omg cadi you worry to much! They might be from pimples if you pop them. When you pop pimples you get little black scars, they go away after a while but you have to remember not to pop pimples and not pick at them. If its not from pimples idk what they could be

Is Ambi skin cream good for fading dark spots on face?


I am a black woman, and I have sun spots on my face, I have tried everything and they don’t seem to go away. Could someone please give me some good advice on what to do? ( serious comments only please )

it works on the acne scars but you need to be patient

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