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Dark Spots on African American skin.. HELP!!

Looking for remedy's to get rid of these ugly dark spots on my skin! And why does youtube pick the UGLIEST thumbnails! look like im chewing tobacco!Du...

Looking for remedy’s to get rid of these ugly dark spots on my skin! And why does youtube pick the UGLIEST thumbnails! look like im chewing tobacco!

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  1. Teedles06 says:

    I had a bad …
    I had a bad chemical peel (I DID MYSELF) and omg i messed my skin up so bad like I BURNED my face! I used a product called Dermesthetix hyper skin cream. I used it for like a month and a half and it erased all the dark marks on my face. it’s like all the name brand stuff don’t really work. it’s made to work just enough to keep you coming back spending money on their products.

  2. NegritaTanRica says:

    Also, try aveeno …
    Also, try aveeno sunblock in an spf of 75+ or higher year round, not just summer. Apply pure vitamin E oil each night after cleansing with black soap. It will take a few weeks before you see a major difference, but these are the most healthy and longterm options to maintaining clear and radiant skin. I have been following this routine about a year now and have 100% clear skin and this is coming from someone who suffered from adult acne and severely scarred skin 3 years ago. Hope this helps.

  3. tezole says:

    Almost nothing …
    Almost nothing helps me, but I soak in the tub, and that helps some.

  4. TuscaloosaThick says:

    @gorgeeus yes it …
    @gorgeeus yes it does work like magic! i think my main problem is patience.

  5. gorgeeus says:

    try nadinola fade …
    try nadinola fade cream!..WOW…works like magiccccccc

  6. TuscaloosaThick says:

    @aqualuv99 tan …
    @aqualuv99 tan african american skin? i dont think thats a good idea

  7. aqualuv99 says:

    get out and get …
    get out and get some sun ………its ok to tan your body

  8. TuscaloosaThick says:

    @onedivision Thanks …
    @onedivision Thanks!! Yea i think thats my main problem having the patience :(

  9. onedivision says:

    use fade cream for …
    use fade cream for your dark spots. give it 3 – 6 months. girl, it’s gonna take time. i’m like you, it takes 3,000 years.

  10. TuscaloosaThick says:

    @2mariebl YES YES …
    @2mariebl YES YES thank you i am definately using sunscreen! Thanks for the tip

  11. 2mariebl says:

    While working on …
    While working on your dark spots.The trick is to use sunscreen when going out all the time.

  12. sosoblessed1 says:

    sorry I don’t know …
    sorry I don’t know of anything, but I just wanted to let you know I stopped by :)
    good luck in your search

  13. TuscaloosaThick says:

    @SSBBWEXPRESSIONS You are 1000% right about the water… i hardly drink any…. and i heard black opal was good too im going to have to try that thanks!


    Increase water …
    Increase water intake….try Black Opal Products I hear they are good,I will be getting some soon,and record how it effects me,Alota

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